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Is Cotonou Agbalumo Profitable?​

We have mentioned that you can make great profits, but how much profit exactly is possible? 

Let me break down the maths for you:

The price of a basket of Cotonou Agbalumo last season was N100,000 (minimum of 1,000 pieces, each basket comes with 10-20 extras)

Last season our retail price started from N175 per piece.

Many of our distributors charged up to N200 per piece and people were rushing it!

(on the last page we have already showed you vendors that sells for N200 and sold over 20k pieces)

Let’s say you decided to not add much profit, so you charge N175 per piece.

After selling a basket = N175 x 1,000 pieces = N175,000 -N100,000 (cost of a basket) = N75,000 profit from just one basket!

As a member of Agbalumonaires club, our marketing department will help you set up a marketing strategy that will help you sell at least 3-5 baskets per WEEK!

This means if you can only Sell 3 baskets per week you’ll be making N75,000 X 3 = N225,000 PROFIT PER WEEK.

In a month that will be.

N225,000 x 4 = N900,000 in just one month!

The good thing is Agbalumo season last for four months (Dec to April).

Does this Sounds interesting to you?

Here’s the best part!

AGBALUMO business is a 100% risk business if done right. 

the reason why most people lose money selling agbalumo is because they wait until they receive the agbalumo before they start marketing it.

If you have been following us for a while, you’ll see that we do not even import the agbalumo to nigeria, until we have sold out and already collected payment, so immediately the agbalumo arrives we just packaged it and deliver.

The main challenge other vendors have is making people trust them enough to pay them before delivery.

That’s why we are having a master class to teach you About sales 1 month before the season.

 We want to even help you launch your business before the season so you can market to people and ask them to join your wait list

Let me break down how it works:

We do the training and taught you sales

We show you how to start marketing and tell people you sell Cotonou Agbalumo

And ask them to join your whatsapp list.

So they can be among the first people to enjoy Cotonou Agbalumo Once it’s in season.

Let’s say you get about 200 whatsapp contacts.

Once season starts we will let you know.

Lets say we told you that You can receive the first shipment on Wednesday. 

And today is Sunday.

From today you’ll start marketing and telling people on your list to pre-order for Tuesday delivery before you are sold out.

People will make payment to you.

Use the money to pay us for the basket And get it same Wednesday as promised.

That’s how we do it and that’s how Agbalumo business should be run.

So you shouldn’t be afraid on losing money, because you are not going to be using your money in the first place.

Amazing right?

I know.

Below is the outline for the Masterclass.

We figure it all out for you!

All we asked for is you pay implement what you’ll learn and market hard!

we only have Four Months to make as much money as we want.

Once the season ends you can take a break , heck you can even fund your dream vacation with the profit you made.

But for now let’s get to work!

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