How to Sell 7-10 baskets of Cotonou Agbalumo per week as a Total beginner and Make over N250,000 profit per week for the Next 8 Weeks!

Dear Sis,

If you have always been looking for a way to become financially independent!
You are tired of asking your friends/ family for financial support.
Or do you want to live a soft life and travel the world?
Then today is your lucky day!

Here’s why!

My name is Ramadan kaseem, I’m a marketing and sales expert, Over the years I have helped over 5,000 Nigerian businesses go from making zero sales online to making millions in sales per month, through my coaching business. You can check me out on Instagram @businesswithramadan

Here is the kind of result people that listen to me are getting:


Are you ready to listen to me?

Did you say yes?

Then I will like to invite you to join…


It’s a community of like-minded people that have a common interest in becoming millionaires in the next 8 Weeks selling Cotonou agbalumo and More!

Why should you even Start an agbalumo Business?

Here’s Why!

In the last 17 Days, I have helped Cotonou agbalumo Ltd. make over N6,276,000 in sales.

Selling over 50 baskets every single week!

Recently Due to A lot of Demand we are receiving at Cotonou agbalumo that we couldn’t handle, we decided to create a Special Group of Cotonou agbalumo Armies that are hungry for success and ready to put in the effort to make a lot of money for themselves selling at least 7-8 baskets of Cotonou agbalumo every single week for the next 8 Weeks!

Let’s do the maths…

Now let’s say you have other commitments and you didn’t implement everything I taught you, So all you could sell is just 5 baskets per week!

Cotonou agbalumo ltd said they will give you a basket at N95,000 for 1,000 pieces = N95 per piece

Let’s say you decide to not add much profit and decided to sell at N150 per piece.

So after selling a whole basket= N150 x 1,000 pieces = N150,000 – N95,000 = N55,000 PROFIT PER BASKET

That means if you can only sell 5 baskets a week you’ll be making N55,000 x 5= N275,000 profit PER WEEK!

And N1,100,000 profit per MONTH!

That’s not all you’ll be getting in The Agbalumonaire Club!

You see no matter how much we enjoy the Agbalumo Money but it’s a Seasonal fruit and the season will end the first week of May!

So does that mean business will stop in May?

No, no way, not with Ramadan, as the Agbalumonaire leader, we already have a line of products that we sell and make a lot of money with it too and guess what these products are not seasonal.

We also teach Our Club members how to become sales experts, so that they can sell any kind of product they want not just agbalumo.

Surely You Won’t Mind an Extra ₦1,100,000 Every Month, Would You?

Especially if you have loved ones to take care of.

Here’s what You are Getting when you join the Agbalumonaires Club.

“Okay, Ramadan, I am In. I Love Everything I’ve Heard So Far. . . I Want to Sign Up Right Now. How Much Is It To Join The Agbalumonaires Club?

Well, if you asked that question, you’re SMART.

but I want you to look at it this way….

If I guarantee that if you pay me N300,000 you’ll make N1,000,000 and at the end of the day
you actually made the N1,000,000 I promised, would you call the N300,000 you paid me a “cost” or an “investment?”

Of course, it’s an investment, a high-yield investment for that matter.

Will you be happy “investing” Another N300,000?

Of course, you would, who wouldn’t?

So there’s no cost only investment.

If I charge you N300,000 it will be worth it because….
It will TRANSFORM your life completely!

You know what?

I won’t charge you N300,000.

I won’t even charge you N200,000 even though I know people will rush it at that price.

If I charge you N100,000 for this, it’s a “chicken change” because this will blow your bank account open.

All you have to invest in joining the Agbalumonaires club is

0 naira!

Yes, you heard that right!

Because of how confident i am with my coaching and know that if you implement you’ll make A lot of money. I’m willing to invest my time and Energy into you! 

Like i Said I want to change your life!

so I want you to pay me only after you have started making Money!

For each basket you sell you’ll only pay me N5,000 only.

Or N200 per kilo or per piece on other products apart from agbalumo.

Yes i know i am an angel*wink*

Kindly note that as much as we will like to take everyone, we Cant! most especially since it’s free we have a limited slots and once filled. you’ll not be able to join.

If you are interested Click the button below to join the Agbalumonaires club now!

Here’s Something to Keep in Mind…

these are the only states we can waybill to for now.









If your state is not listed kindly don’t join.


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