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aka House of Sweetness, Where you can get the Best and Sweetest cotonou agbalumo, Licki-licki, Tapioca, Condensed milk, Original Northern kilishi and Danbun nama (shredded beef).

The reason why 99% of our customers love our cotonou agbalumo and call us the best is
because every single day we go to cotonou and handpicked every single agbalumo we bring to nigeria, so that means before we even buy we have to confirm it’s sweet, ripe and super Fresh!

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Here’s What people are saying after eating our sweet cotonou agbalumo

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Everything that has a beginning has an end ❤️ it’s that time and We have reached the End of the Agbalumo season😭. What an amazing season. Thank you for supporting us. and remember it’s not just agbalumo that we sell we have other amazing products too.

Cotonou Agbalumo

The sweetest cotonou agbalumo you’ll ever taste.

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Licki Licki

Cotonou Licki-licki. Sweetness guaranteed.

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Northern Kilishi

crispy, spicy, hygienic and very delicious northern
A single bite of our original northern kilishi will wake up your Senses

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Stone and sand free cotonou tapioca

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Cebon Sweetened Condensed Filled Milk

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Danbun Nama (Shredded beef)

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