How a Nigerian woman sold over N4 Million worth of Agbalumo.

Dear sis, 

if you are a woman who is always on the lookout for a profitable business you can start then this woman’s story will help!

Uduak Odungide is the founder & CEO of udy foods  an expert in processing and supplying unadulterated Palm Oil and local Food Spices across the nation.

She has been selling Palm oil and other food stuffs items for some years but back in January she took a bold decision!

She decided to start selling Cotonou Agbalumo on her page and what happened next blew her mind! she never expected it!

Within 55 days she has sold over 24,842 pieces of Agbalumo.

She Sold Each for N200 per piece. That means she made = 24,842 pieces x N200= N4,968,400.

Can you believe it?

N4,968,400 from selling Agbalumo!

But she wasn’t alone!

Foodbowl also mentioned that she sold over 20k plus pieces of cotonou agbalumo last season.

People also Export Cotonou Agbalumo to US, Canada,Uk etc.

Here’s Adukecuise she exports Cotonou Agbalumo to US and below is how much she charges!

There’s money in selling Cotonou Agbalumo with Great profit!

Now the Question you should be asking is How Can you also Get your own share of the profit from selling Cotonou Agbalumo since the New Season is starting By December and will last for 4 months( Dec-April. 4 months of great profit)

As the Largest importers of Cotonou Agbalumo in Nigeria.

We have decided to create a community of Mega Distributors across the 36 states in nigeria titled The Agbalumonaires Club!

Here are the benefits you’ll get when you are accepted into the Agbalumonaires Club!

Now , I know you are saying…

How To Join the Agbalumonaires Club.

It’s completely free to join the Agbalumonaires club.

To Register Kindly Fill out the form Below.

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